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Telichkan' Vitalij Sergeevich, postgraduate student, Surgut State University (628412, 1 Lenin avenue, Surgut, Russia), 
Uvaysov Saygid Uvaysovich, doctor of technical scienses, professor, head of sub-department of radioelectronics and telecommunications, Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics of National Research University «High School of Economics» (123458, 34 Tallinskaya street, Moscow, Russia),
Ivanov Il'ya Aleksandrovich, candidate of technical scienses, senior lecturer, National Research University «High School of Economics» (101000, 20 Myasnitskaya street, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. The impact of shock loads on the operation of the optical system when landing the aircraft on metal deck of the landing strip. Considered design features and the degree of impact on them. The influence of impact pulses on the deflection of the light rays of the optical landing system is considered. The qualitative characteristics of the optical system are estimated upon arrival to it. The concept of new products with improved quality parameters of the optical landing system parameters has been developed. The calculations are carried out, which confirm the high quality of the proposed product.
Materials and methods. A method of structural-parametric synthesis, which is used in the development of identity. This method allows to obtain optimal weight and size characteristics and improve its quality indicators. You are in different places, depending on how effective the solutions are during the operation of the product.
Results. The proposed method made it possible to reveal the limiting deviations of the optical system in different areas of the design and to determine the solutions that will help the system operate within the permissible limits of deviations. The adequacy of the method used is confirmed by experimental data.
Conclusions. The impact pulse has a significant effect on the operation of the optical landing system, depending on the quality of the external deterioration of quality. It is necessary to consider this feature when developing the system.

Key words

quality of optical systems, impact pulse, optical landing system, reduction of light rays deflection

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